From the 10th to the 12th centuries, this area was on the frontier with the Moorish lands whose stronghold was the city of Lleida. So these territories became a land of castles and defensive and watchtowers. The earliest references to Fonolleres Castle date from 1113.

In 1150, Berenguer de Fonolleres appears as the feudal lord for the great lords of Cervera. Then in 1130, the castle of Cervera and its fiefs came under the suzerainty of the Count of Barcelona to ensure that the road from Lleida to Barcelona was well defended by a series of castles near to and within sight of each other. Even nowadays, some of these are visible from our walls.

The domain of Fonolleres has belonged to the noble houses of Cervera (12th century), Satorre (14th-15th centuries), Ivorra (15th century), Pocurull (17th century) and Duran i Cerdà (19th century).

At the foot of the Castle there is also the Church of Santa Maria (11th-12th centuries) whose Romanesque elements are still well preserved.