Places of interest

29 km: Estany d’Ivars http://

This lake in the Pla d'Urgell district is one of the most important wetlands in Catalonia for bird-watching. There is a wide range of species that can be spotted: over 210 over the year, among the all-year residents, summer and winter visitors and those who fly through. In winter, there are large numbers of ducks, coots, gulls, lapwings, etc which have made the lake into the leading inland wetland site for bird-watching in Catalonia.


25 km: Ruta del Cister (Cistercian Route)

The Cistercian Route comprises the districts of Catalonia that are home to Cistercian monasteries. These are Santa Maria de Vallbona in the Urgell district in Lleida province, the World Heritage site of Santa Maria de Poblet and Santes Creus respectively in the Conca de Barberà and Alt Camp districts of Tarragona province .These monasteries are close to many places with a great wealth of architecture, gastronomy and craftwork.


29 km: Route of the Castles

The traditional architecture of the villages and farmhouses of the Lleida area is mixed with the landscape and nature that surrounds them. The guided visit to the Castles, a key element of the landscape in this area known as the “Castile of Catalonia” given the number of these fortifications, are a good reason to travel round the area and spend a few days in contact with its culture and people. Nowadays, the Route of the Castles of Lleida offers guided visits to the castles of Les Sitges (30 km), Florejacs (32 km),Montsonís (37 km), Vicfred (28 km) and Les Pallargues (30 km) among others.


5 km: Cervera

Cervera, the capital of the Segarra district, has an intense cultural and artistic life and is a centre for industrial, commercial, agricultural and service activity. The town is full of history and home to many buildings and monuments of interest:1The University (18th century), the churches of Santa Maria (14th-5th centuries), Santa Magdalena (14th century) and Sant Pere el Gros (11th century), the Paeria(town council) (17th century) . .. and also various museums including the Duran i Sant Pere and the Blat i la Pagesia (Wheat and Farming)...


Nearby places: Verdú, Guimerà, Sant Ramon, Montfalcó Murallat,all less than 20 km away.